Team Member Journey

Interested in leadership?

At Chick-fil-A Garners Ferry Road, we want you to become REMARKable! If you are interested in taking the steps to make your future brighter, we are ready to give you the tools to do so. If you are teachable, passionate, consistent, and accountable we want to help you reach your full potential. Apply today to start your leadership development journey.

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Opportunities In and Beyond the Restaurant

Certified Trainer

This is an opportunity to train at the Support Center in Atlanta and then travel the country opening new locations. With this role you will have a home restaurant and travel to 3+ Grand Openings a year! Not to mention you will make $16 per hour at the openings.

Leadership Development Program

This is a 30-36 month program taking college graduates from team members to fully developed leaders within Chick-fil-A. Candidates will acquire skills and experiences necessary to be successful in future opportunities.


For college students looking to get more hands on experience, Chick-fil-a offers internships at both franchises and the support center. Internships offer an opportunity to learn more about future career paths and make connections.

Your Path to Success


The “Remarkable Futures” Scholarship

We know how hard paying for college can be. We also know how important your future is to you. We want to help you succeed in your life and your career. That’s why the “Remarkable Futures Scholarship” exists. This scholarship awards you $2,500 towards your tuition. Even better, this scholarship is available to employees yearly. If you are interested, talk to a leader for information on applying for this great opportunity!

Team Member Testimonies

“There are so many reasons why I love working at Chick-fil-A. For one, with me being in college, they work with my school schedule and offer scholarships. This is so helpful and makes working a lot less stressful. Another reason I love my job is because of my bond with our customers, I love getting to know them and having them become more than just a face. I am forever grateful for everything Chick-fil-A Garners Ferry Road has done for me, and they will always hold a special place in my heart.”

– Kailyn W., team member for 5 years

“Working at Chick-fil-A has made such a positive impact on my life. I have developed so many skills, from leadership to business knowledge that I will use for the rest of my career. My position has taught me a to about having patience which has guided me through so many challenges outside of the workplace in school and dealing with life in general. Everything I have learned at Chick-fil-A I can apply to my life and it has sculpted me to become a better person.”

-Jawan W., team member for 3 years
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